Back in 2009, at 15 year old, Olivier Barda (AKA Zitoune) studied music at Lycee de Sevres, South of Paris. Yearning for freedom, he started playing guitar in trains and on street, and found the experience a perfect match for his wandering spirit. It unveils a rich vision of human warmth and a need for sharing that soon has Olivier dreaming of international back-packing musical pilgrimage. Aged 19, he sets off for Australia where odd jobs and his music help make ends meet. He develops his self-taught technique of the guitar laid flat, and expands his mastery of musical instruments by adding tambourine, harmonica, kick and singing. He finds his sound signature by these technics, and attitude with the crowd. Being his usual resourceful self, Zitoune compiles home made CDs from his street performances, which he sells to a growing audience of enthusiastic onlookers. In 2017, Zitoune chooses Toulouse, in the South of France, to prepare his official professional debut. After establishing a working network of musical contacts, his public profile rises quickly, bolstered by the sincerity of his unusual style. Zitoune is rewarded with three musical contests’s awards within one year. Il baptise sa musique « Road Trip Music ». Il fait escale à Toulouse en 2017, dans le but de construire un réseau musical professionnel. Il commence alors à faire des concerts et à forger sa notoriété, notamment en remportant 3 tremplins en moins d’un an et devenant intermittent.
Photo : Max Elhaik

Zitoune’s achievements in a nutshell...

  • 10 years of street music
  • 6 Music Albums (All self-produced), and 1 currently in production.
  • 3 musical contests’s awards, including “Decroche le son 2018”
  • Over 4000 CDs sold in 4 years, nearly 60 concerts in 2019, and brought 6.000 fans on the facebook page.
Remise des prix

What they had to say...

[...] He is what is called a virtuoso. The type of magician who can do pretty well whatever he wants with a guitar. Get ready to embark on Zitoune’s strings [...]
[...] a mixture where tenderness, emotional release and celebration sweep spectators into physical rythm [...]